3-Day Xactimate 28 Training and Flood Claims Adjuster Basics 

3 Day Combo Course Overview – Flood Claims Adjusting Basics AND Xactimate 28 Fundamentals and Proficiency is taught from the Flood Claims Adjuster’s point of view.

Course Environment

The entire focus of the course is to teach Adjusters how to do their jobs in the field as well as use Xactimate 28 as it applies to Flood Claims Adjusting.  Instruction, hands on exercises, and discussions will demonstrate how to best use the program to quickly and efficiently create sketches, write estimates, create valuations, fill out NFIP forms and reports, and assemble them into the required order for upload to the Carrier for payment consideration. During the course progression, exercises build on previously taught concepts to provide reinforcement.  You will walk out of this class with completed sample flood claim closing reports, macros and templates that will prepare you to write flood claims be proficient in Xactimate 28 during your first deployment.

  • New and experienced Flood Claims Adjusters will learn how to set­up claims, sketch, estimate, and assemble flood claim closing reports in Xactimate 28 that to conform to NFIP standards.
  • Experienced Flood Claims Adjusters will easily make the transition to Xactimate 28 from other software programs.
  • Adjusters from other specialties who want to become Flood Claims Adjusters will be learn how to build upon their knowledge of Xactimate and apply it to writing flood claims.

Day 1 gives Flood Claims Adjusters a roadmap to success by providing a complete overview of the flood claims adjusting process from start to finish.  Presentations, exercises and step-by-step guides teach adjusters how to complete the initial phase of the flood claims adjusting process:  1.) Communicate effectively with Insureds;     2.) Conduct thorough flood claim inspections;  3.) Gather all of the information necessary to complete the Preliminary and Advance Request Reports.  The final phase of the flood claims adjusting process is introduced in this class from start to finish by demonstrating how the FEMA Flood Forms version of Xactimate 28 software is used to create and assemble the required sketches, estimates, photos reports, valuations and forms that make up the final flood claim closing report for submission to the Carrier for payment consideration.

Course Outline: Day 1 of this 3 Day program

  • Introduction to the Flood Claims Adjusting Industry
  • Preparing for Deployment
  • Claims Assignment Process
  • Communication and Relationship Management with Insureds, Examiners, and Mentors
  • Reviewing Prior Loss Reports prior to Current Loss Inspection
  • Conducting Inspections – Proper Guidelines and Techniques
  • Substantiating a General Condition of Flooding
  • Determining coverage and applying coverage restrictions
  • Documenting the loss through proper photo taking, diagraming and measuring the risk
  • Scoping the damages and setting proper reserves
  • Obtaining required documentation and setting expectations with the Insureds
  • Demonstration of the FEMA Flood Forms version of Xactimate 28 Estimating Software
    • Creating a New Project in Xactimate 28
    • Entering Claim Information from Loss Notice and Inspection
    • Uploading and Labeling Inspection Photos
    • Assembling the Preliminary Report for Examiner review
    • Overview of the Sketch, Estimate, Valuation, and Print functions
    • Assembling the Final Flood Claim Closing Report for Examiner review

Course Outline: Days 2 and 3 of this 3 Day program:

  • General administration of Xactimate 28, including setup of claim information, adding new projects, and basic program navigation.
  • Use Xactimate 28’s 4-step process to create, assemble and print a variety of flood claim estimates.
  • Create a variety of interior and exterior building diagrams within Sketch.
  • Use the most effective search techniques to quickly and easily find and enter estimate line items.
  • Understand how to use variables to accurately and efficiently calculate estimate line item quantities.
  • Increase efficiency by setting defaults, using sketch templates, macros and retrieve scope functions.
  • Add annotations and images to provide additional clarity and detail to photos and sketches.
  • Personalize, assemble and print final flood claim closing reports for Carrier payment consideration.

Course Prerequisite

Xactimate 28 or Xactimate 28 DEMO version is required to be downloaded prior to class on the participant’s laptop.  The Demo version available by calling Xactware at 800-424-9228 – Call Customer Service to request that they email you the DEMO installation link with the FEMA Flood Forms Profile installed.  Download should be emailed to you.

Students of this course should meet the following prerequisites before attending class:

Basic Computer skills, Understand property loss industry and terminology

  • Bring a Laptop with Xactimate 28 or Xactimate 28 Demo Version installed
  • Bring an external computer mouse

Cost: $439.00 per person