hurricane eyesHeadshotWe teach Flood Claims Adjusters “Step-by-Step how to do their job” and deliver performance excellence through quality service, timeliness, and accuracy of reporting.  


We offer sponsorship into The  NFIP Mentor Program,  Classroom Training and On-Line Training solutions to Flood Claims Adjusters and those looking to enter the Industry.

Flood Claims Adjusting is a complex Industry requiring:

  • 4 years of claims adjusting experience to become NFIP Certified
  • Extensive knowledge of NFIP policies, FEMA rules and regulations
  • Proficiency with claims adjusting software required to create the complex estimates, forms and reports
  • The ability to execute your duties while demonstrating excellent customer service, accuracy and timeliness of reporting.learn about mentor progrm

There is a “Catch 22” in becoming an NFIP Certified Flood Claims Adjuster:

In order to become a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Certified Flood Claims Adjuster, a person must have 4 years of experience handling claims, but, in order to handle flood claims, a person must BE an NFIP Certified Flood Claims Adjuster. This catch 22 scenario presents a real challenge for people who want to join this elite group of professionals.

How do you gain experience in an industry that requires prior experience, yet, offers little to no formal training process to gain that experience?

Until recently, the only way to enter the profession was to gain experience working under an individual NFIP Certified Flood Claims Adjuster.  The problem was that if you could find an NFIP Certified Flood Claims Adjuster to take you under their wing, once deployed on a flood event, they are too busy and can offer little help to train you.  You had to hope that you gained the experience necessary to meet the qualifications to become NFIP Certified AND be placed on a Claims Adjusting company’s roster.

Claims Adjusting companies are required by the NFIP to maintain a roster of NFIP Certified Flood Claims Adjusters.  They are evaluated by the Carriers and the NFIP based on their performance during flood disasters.  Their performance is a direct reflection of the performance of the Flood Claims Adjusters they deploy.  Therefore, Claims Adjusting companies seek to attract Flood Claims Adjusters who have demonstrated that they are top performers in the industry.

The NFIP Mentor Program provides a path to certification for Flood Claims Adjusters with less than 4 years of experience and Adjuster Trainer teaches them how to be top performers.  

Fortunately, Didi Womack, founder of Adjuster Trainer, began her Flood Claims Adjusting career with an Independent Adjusting Firm that is designated by the NFIP to offer the NFIP  Mentor Program.  As a result, Didi gained the experience, knowledge and expertise required to earn her NFIP Certification over a 4 year period and become one of the company’s top performers.  Through the NFIP Mentor Program, Didi learned each step of the process a Flood Claims Adjuster must go through in order to perform at the highest level possible.  In a performance based industry that, by it’s very nature does not allow for effective “on the job training”, pre-deployment training is essential.

Adjuster Trainer offers a series of classroom and on-line training programs designed to teach Flood Claims Adjusters “How to do their jobs using Xactimate 28 claims adjusting software”.

In addition to the tremendous amount of industry and policy knowledge Flood Claims Adjusters must learn, they must also learn to use estimating software to produce flood claims reports that comply with NFIP standards. Didi chose to use Xactimate 28 claims adjusting software as the best tool to create estimates, forms and reports that conform to NFIP standards, ease of use and accuracy of reporting.  In 2014 Didi passed the Xactimate 28 Level 3 Certification Exam which verifies that she has full mastery of the Xactimate 28 estimating  software and designates her a Subject Matter Expert. In addition to that, Didi completed Xactware’s comprehensive Train the Trainer program and earned the coveted designation: “Xactware Certified Trainer”.  This designation is awarded only to those individuals that have demonstrated that they have the qualifications and expert knowledge to teach others how to use Xactware’s programs.

Background and Experience:

Didi Womack, founder of Adjuster Trainer, is an NFIP Certified Flood Claims Adjuster who has handled more than 600 flood claims in 13 States since 2008. Prior to transitioning into Flood Claims Adjusting, Didi developed and facilitated training programs for the Information Technology Industry throughout the United States and Europe, owned and operated a residential construction company, and sold residential real estate in Georgia and Florida.  Her background makes her uniquely qualified to train and mentor people for a successful career in the rewarding field of Flood Claims Adjusting.

In 2010, when Didi’s husband, Scottie Womack, a retired Coast Guard Aviator joined the NFIP Mentor Program, he suggested that she develop a training guide similar to a “Pilot’s Check List” to follow as he began his Flood Claims Adjusting career. With that, the idea for was born.


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Didi and Scottie continue their work as Flood Claims Adjusters when flood disasters strike. When there are not flood events requiring their deployment, they teach classes in several locations throughout the country.

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