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The NFIP Mentor Program paves the way for Flood Claims Adjuster Certification


FEMA/NFIP developed a Flood Claims Adjuster Mentor Program that allows designated claims adjusting companies to train and certify Adjusters with less than 4 years of experience.  Independent Adjusting Firms designated by FEMA/NFIP to participate in NFIP Mentor Program teach New Flood Claims Adjusters how to communicate with the Insured, what the policy language states, how to scope losses, how to extend the loss, and how to negotiate and settle a claim within the required reporting timelines.

  • NFIP Mentor Program Adjusters are required to:
    • Apply for acceptance into the Independent Adjusting Firm’s NFIP Mentor Program and once accepted:
      • Attend training on a regular basis
      • Attend one of the annual NFIP Certification Classes each year
      • Work under the direction of their appointed Mentor

Before the NFIP Mentor Program was established, it was difficult, if not almost impossible, for new people to enter the Flood Claims Adjusting Industry without prior Flood Claims Adjusting experience.

In order to become a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Certified Flood Claims Adjuster, a person must have 4 years of experience handling claims, but, in order to handle flood claims, a person must be NFIP Certified.

This catch 22 scenario presents a real challenge for people who want to join this elite group of professionals. To further complicate things, until now, there have been very few, if any, formal training programs designed to teach Flood Claims Adjusters “How to do their job”.  The NFIP Mentor Program and Adjuster Trainer have the solution.

The traditional approach to learning the business was ineffective, to say the least.

The traditional career path into the Flood Claims Adjusting required that a new person entering the business be lucky enough to find an NFIP Certified Flood Claims Adjuster who was willing to teach them the business during their “next flood deployment”.

Finding an NFIP Flood Claims Adjuster willing to train someone has always been difficult, but it is especially difficult during a storm when they are busy and can offer little help.  During a flood deployment, they are focused on doing “their job” and earning “their income”.  They simply cannot afford to dilute their focus to teach someone new “how to do the job”.

Under the NFIP Mentor Program, designated Independent Adjusting Firms are authorized to train and certify Flood Claims Adjusters with less than 4 years of experience to work in the industry.

Participants in the NFIP Mentor Program work under the direction of  their appointed Mentor to ensure that they are properly trained and certified to work claims under the program guidelines.  Didi Womack, founder of Adjuster Trainer, launched her career through the NFIP Mentor Program where she gained the experience, knowledge and expertise required to earn her NFIP Certification and FCN Card (Flood Certification Number) over a 4 year period.  Didi has handled more than 600 flood claims in 13 States since 2008.

Adjuster Trainer provides Flood Claims Adjusters with the Step-by-Step training to become Top Performers.

While working flood claims over the past 6 years, Didi developed a step-by-step training program which whe designed to dramatically reduce the learning curve New Flood Claims Adjusters face.  These programs teach Flood Claims Adjusters how to do their job, promote customer service excellence, and improve accuracy and timeliness of reporting.  In 2014, Didi launched Adjuster Trainer to provide additional training opportunities for new and existing Adjusters who aspire to be among the Top Performers in the Flood Claims Adjusting Industry.  Top Performers are the first to be deployed, receive more claims, work more consistently between flood events, and earn the highest incomes.  Top Performers then may apply to become Mentors and play an important role in the overall success of the company that mentored them to success.

In addition to the tremendous amount of industry and policy knowledge Flood Claims Adjusters must learn, they must also learn to use claims adjusting software to produce flood claims reports that comply with NFIP standards.  Adjuster Trainer provides step-by-step classroom and online training for Xactimate claims adjusting and estimating solutions.

Xactimate 28 is a leader in claims adjusting and estimating software solutions.  Before Didi launched Adjuster Trainer, she completed the Xactimate comprehensive “Train the Trainer” program and earned the coveted designation: “Xactimate Certified Trainer”.  This designation is awarded only to those individuals that have demonstrated that they have the qualifications and expert knowledge to teach others how to use Xactware’s programs.  Didi is certified to teach Xactware’s full suite of training programs to users across all industries.  What sets her classes apart from all of the rest is that Didi has tailored her delivery of the Xactimate 28 Fundamentals and Proficiency Training Program for the Flood Claims Adjusting Industry.  Didi teaches new and experienced adjusters how to use Xactimate 28 to improve the overall accuracy and timeliness of reporting throughout the flood claims adjusting process. This unique, in-depth approach to flood claims adjuster training makes her delivery of the program truly one of a kind.

Adjuster Trainer offers Xactimate 28 training in Classroom and On-line formats.button for nfip application