The following courses are available on our On-Line Training Center:

Each course is individually priced and upon purchase you may take the course at your own pace and review it as many times as you want to.


Xactimate version 28 Fundamentals – $99.00 Purchase Xactimate 28 Fundamentals Course

The Xactimate version 28 Fundamentals Training course contains over five hours of instruction necessary for new or existing users to create an estimate in Xactimate, from start to finish. This hands-on course includes video instruction, training simulations, labs, and certification prep assessments. Topics include importing and creating estimates, adding claim information, creating interior and roof Sketch diagrams, adding line items with localized pricing, printing reports and much more. Read More

Xactimate 28 Proficiency Training – $119.00 Purchase Xactimate 28 Proficiency Course

The Xactimate 28 Proficiency Training course contains over six hours of instruction necessary for a user to be truly proficient in Xactimate 28. This hands-on course includes video instruction, training simulations, labs, and certification prep assessments. Topics include intermediate level sketching, adding claim information, creating complex interior and roof Sketch diagrams, adding line items in sketch, printing reports and much more. Read More

XactContents version 28 Training – $79.00 Purchase XactContents Course

XactContents helps claims adjusters quickly create accurate content replacement estimates. Providing access to contents pricing data for 13 million vendor-specific items, more than 435,000 discontinued items, and over 8,000 general quote items, XactContents’ database is the best in the industry. The XactContents version 28 self-paced training course teaches fundamental through mastery level techniques for use with XactContents version 28. This media based training is ideal for new or existing XactContents users. The course utilizes video instruction, hands-on interaction, practice exercises, and assessments. Topics covered in this training include: recommended workflow, tips for inventory creation, search method best practices, importing contents from excel, Contents Collaboration, receipt documentation within Payment Tracker and much more. Read More

Xactimate 28 Mobile Training – $79.00 Purchase Xactimate 28 Mobile Training Course

This self-paced course is filled with valuable information that will sharpen your mobile estimating skills. Use Xactimate 28 Mobile to write claims during your inspections and accelerate your closing rate by duplication of effort.  This comprehensive class contains 4 hours of instruction necessary for a proficient Xactimate user to learn how to create an estimate in Xactimate mobile.  Video, hands-on training simulations, labs, and knowledge exams help you master the material and prepare to handle the wide range of challenging losses you may encounter in the field. Read More

Xactimate 28 “What’s New” Training – $19.00 Purchase Xactimate What’s New Course

If you have been using an earlier version of Xactimate, this course will introduce you to the main differences between the versions and the additional features that make your job easier in Xactimate 28. The Xactimate version 28 What’s New training course teaches the exciting new features of Xactimate version 28. This media based training course is ideal for existing Xactimate users who will be transitioning to version 28 from earlier versions of Xactmate. The course provides video instruction coupled hands-on interaction and assessment questions. Topics covered in this training include, the new Xactimate platforms (desktop, online & mobile), the Xactware ID, Labor Minimums, and several other new features. Read More

ILX Construction Training – $129.00 Purchase ILX Construction Course

ILX Construction Training courses take students through the complete building process—from selecting a building lot all the way to the final inspection. ILX Construction Training is the award-winning pioneer in multimedia construction training for the residential and light construction industries.This interactive construction training provides a wealth of features such as full-motion video, expert narration, and convenient organization designed to simplify complex topics and allow users to learn all aspects of residential construction at their own pace makingeven the most difficult construction topics easy to understand. ILX Construction Training has a huge library of courses allowing you to design your own instruction or choose from a variety of packaged courses. Select courses that cover only specific trades such as roofing, concrete or plumbing, or choose a subscription for more comprehensive training. This flexibility allows you to tailor training to your needs.The online glossary contains definitions for over 880 construction terms, many even include helpful graphics for further clarification. It’s an excellent reference for both beginners and experts who are looking to expand their construction knowledge. Read More

XactAnalysis Training – $59.00 Purchase XactAnalysis Course

XactAnalysis is the only full-cycle claims analytical and reporting tool available in the property insurance industry. XactAnalysis Training teaches users all XactAnalysis processes, from creating and sending assignments, to reviewing losses, to adding users, contractors, and adjusters. It also trains users how to create and view activity and management reports, monitor live performance, and interpret industry trends, which helps them monitor data and catch errors. In addition, the course teaches users how to set up collaborations, organize contractors and adjusters into hierarchies, and set up program rules that can notify them when certain criteria are met. Read More