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The Flood Claims Adjusting profession requires a solid understanding of building structure, components, materials, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. Adjusters are not required to be experts in these areas, but, one must have the basic understanding of construction concepts, processes and costs involved in order to effectively write estimates.

Having a good reference base to draw on when needed is invaluable. ILX Construction Training is the award-winning pioneer in multimedia construction training for the residential and light construction industries. This video based program takes students to the jobsite making even the most difficult construction topics easy to understand.From excavating to installing the outlet covers, ILX construction training walks users through the construction process at their own pace. Knowledge is tested with quizzes and exams.

ILX Construction Training’s huge library of courses allows you to design your own instruction to meet your specific needs. The courses may be taken over and over again as the need arises. Certain topics will be of tremendous value to Adjusters, such as Course 4: Home Construction Overview, but, others, will not require as much detailed knowledge.

This extensive training program includes more than 40 hours of valuable information, including quizzes and exams. The construction information you need will be available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a week arming you with the knowledge to tackle any estimate with confidence.

ILX Construction Training™ Course Content:

Course 1: Plans and Measuring

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Course 2: Calculating Quantities
Course 3: Calculating Roof Quantities
Course 4: Home Construction Overview
Course 5: Footings and Foundations
Course 6: From the Floor to the Roof
Course 7: Home Building Methods
Course 8: Roles of the Pros
Course 9: Lumber and Wall Framing
Course 10: Floor Framing and Beams
Course 11: Sheathing, Floors, and Stairs
Course 12: Platform Framing
Course 13: Roof Framing
Course 14: Roof Rafters
Course 15: Roof Trusses
Course 16: Finishing the Roof & Sheathing
Course 17: Concrete Flatwork
Course 18: Windows and Garage Doors
Course 19: Masonry & Stucco
Course 20: Siding
Course 21: Soffits, Fascia, & Gutters
Course 22: Fences
Course 23: Exterior Painting
Course 24: Common Roofing Materials
Course 25: Flat Roofs
Course 26: Sloped Roofs
Course 27: Composition Shingles
Course 28: Wood Shingles
Course 29: Tile Shingles
Course 30: Other Roof Coverings
Course 31: Six Points of Estimating Home Damage
Course 32: Electrical, Part 1
Course 33: Electrical, Part 2
Course 34: Plumbing, Part 1
Course 35: Plumbing, Part 2
Course 36: HVAC, Part 1
Course 37: HVAC, Part 2
Course 38: Insulation
Course 39: Walls and Ceiling Finishes
Course 40: Doors and Interior Trimwork
Course 41: Painting and Wallpaper
Course 42: Cabinet Quality and Woods
Course 43: Judging and Installing Cabinets and Countertops
Course 44: Carpet and Tile
Course 45: Vinyl, Wood, and Other Floor Finishes
Course 46: Finish Hardware, HVAC, and Electrical
Course 47: Finishing Bathrooms and Kitchens
Course 48: Finishing Laundry Rooms and Stairs
Course 49: Common Home Repair Issues
Course 50: Other Home Repair Issues