XactContents version 28 Training – $79.00   Purchase XactContents Course

XactContents helps claims adjusters quickly create accurate content replacement estimates. Providing access to contents pricing data for 13 million vendor-specific items, more than 435,000 discontinued items, and over 8,000 general quote items, XactContents’ database is the best in the industry. The XactContents version 28 self-paced training course teaches fundamental through mastery level techniques for use with XactContents version 28. This media based training is ideal for new or existing XactContents users. The course utilizes video instruction, hands-on interaction, practice exercises, and assessments. Topics covered in this training include: recommended workflow, tips for inventory creation, search method best practices, importing contents from excel, Contents Collaboration, receipt documentation within Payment Tracker and much more.

Xact 28 Proficiency on line photo of pdf Xactcontents on line photo of pdf